Rivendell College

Some liberal arts colleges are rural. They are located in the heartland. Open space and traditional communities provide something of a buffer for the college community. The surroundings may invite a more rational pace of life, and the distance adds some perspective on the secular values of the public square.

Some liberal arts colleges are urban. They are located in the heart of a great city. The urban environment invites engagement with the ethnic challenges of the inner city as well as the conflicting values of the corporate marketplace and modern world.

Other liberal arts colleges are suburban. They live on the fringes of the city and likely strive for the best of both the rural and urban engagement.

And then there is Rivendell.

Whether it is the central site of Rivendell College in Boulder, Colorado, or study center sites across the United States, Rivendell intentionally locates in facilities bordering university campuses, weaving our presence and programs into the fabric of the larger university community. Students live in former fraternities and sororities, and in apartments and houses among thousands of university students with many different backgrounds and beliefs. This real-world setting is essential to Rivendell’s vision of education and life-formation.

At Rivendell College we embrace the classical vision of the university as a Christian institution. As heirs of that legacy, we believe that all truth is God’s truth, and that every good gift is from God. This foundational conviction inspires us to engage in rigorous and thoughtful interaction with the brightest and best minds within and outside the Christian tradition. We earnestly seek to learn from ancient wisdom and contemporary thought. And we are passionately convinced that pursuing these things – in community – with the highest standards of personal excellence will produce a generation of leaders who will shape cultures and change the world!

For more information please visit our website: www.rivendellcollege.org