Graduate Programs

M.A. in Christian Studies

The Master of Arts degree in Christian Studies is Rivendell's most flexible graduate program, consisting of M.A. core courses and graduate-level electives selected from Rivendell's academic departments. eRivendell now makes this degree the most convenient program as well!

The M.A. degree delivered through eRivendell is ideal for students who bring life questions and interests from previous work or education to their studies, where those questions motivate and shape their research interests. It is also ideal for those who anticipate working in the marketplace or in some form of remunerated ministry.

The M.A. in Christian Studies delivered through eRivendell is designed around Rivendell's strong commitment to the personal growth, spiritual formation, and leadership development of its students. Through the eRivendell program, the College seeks to equip students with practical competencies and skills that will enable them to flourish and fulfill their calling in life. Add to the program the opportunity for learning from first-rate Christian scholars and the convenience of distance learning, and it's easy to see that the eRivendell M.A. Degree in Christian Studies will be a unique and exciting opportunity for many students!

For more information about this degree, please download this pdf.

Graduate Certificate

Students who have not earned a bachelor’s degree or who do not wish to meet all graduation requirements for the M.A. Degree in Christian Studies may pursue a Graduate Certificate in Christian Studies (30 credits). For more information, please visit the Guest Student Programs link in the Academic Menu at

Graduate Peak Leadership Program

College graduates may enroll in the Peak Leadership Program and elect to substitute approved graduate courses for the Piper Certificate component of the undergraduate Peak Leadership Program. For more information, please visit the Undergraduate Opportunities Page of this website.