Delivery Formats

***Course Descriptions are available for download in .pdf format***
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Courses may be delivered in any of the following formats:

Blended/In-Residence Courses
These courses are provided in-part at an Affiliate Study Center and in-part online. This mode of course delivery is considered “in-residence” since instruction is principally provided at a Center.

Blended/Online Courses
These courses are provided in part at a Center and in part online. This mode of course delivery is considered distance learning since the instruction is principally provided online. Students meet as local cohorts in a university community with a tutor who leads them through Q & A and discussion.

Online Courses
These courses are offered via the Internet and will comprise the majority of courses offered by the College. These courses are taken as a “class,” providing for interaction with an instructor and other registered students. Students in these courses must participate at least twice weekly. Faculty members assign reading materials and provide lecture notes for students. Interaction with faculty members and other students takes place through online discussion boards. Students also complete the types of learning activities found in traditional courses, such as quizzes, exams, papers, and group projects. In order to participate in online courses, students must possess the appropriate technical skills and computer hardware and software.

Lecture courses are offered at Centers during traditional academic semesters in 7- or 15-week courses throughout the year. Courses taken at any Affiliate Study Center is considered an in-residence course.

Tutorials are established courses that are completed online or onsite in a one-to-one or small cohort arrangement with a faculty member. Courses may be taken on a seven-week or full-semester basis. Before a student registers for a tutorial, conference times/arrangements that are mutually agreeable to the student or cohort and the instructor must be set. The conferences provide an evaluation of a student’s progress in the course, as well as interaction over reading and assignments. Students are expected to complete all objectives, reading and assignments of the established course.

Weekend Format Courses
Some courses will be taught in a weekend format. Students attend a number of intensive weekend sessions along with maintaining weekly instructional contact with the instructor. The number of weekend sessions will vary depending on the program.

Other Course Options
Other course delivery modalities include independent and directed independent study, off-campus courses in which Rivendell faculty travel to a cohort of learners meeting at a location away from a Center, and practicum or internship training courses.