eRivendell is the online, distributed education program of Rivendell College, a private liberal arts college in the Christian tradition with a central location in Boulder, Colorado, and a growing number of study center sites in university communities across the United States.

eRivendell includes undergraduate and graduate programs with a variety of delivery methods, including online courses with online cohorts, onsite courses with online course management, and hybrid courses that include both. Individual directed study courses are also available.

Students can take courses at an onsite location, or online, or enjoy the best of both worlds by choosing online and onsite options. Wherever they are, and whether they attend class online or onsite, students have access to the full support services of Rivendell College, with its central administration in Boulder.

eRivendell could be a significant resource for you if you:

  • Are seeking to complete an undergraduate or graduate degree at a place and pace that fit your life-commitments;

  • Are a high school graduate who wants to prepare for a university experience by enrolling in general education courses that interface seriously with Christian scholarship;

  • Are a college or university student, and you want to supplement your curriculum with courses that are shaped and informed by the rich intellectual heritage of the Christian tradition;

  • Want to be equipped by a leadership development program with professional assessments and life-coaching;

  • Are looking for ways to enrich your life through continuing education.